Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I spend 10 days in Canada in the beginning of Janually. I was on my winter vacation, but it was a kind of professional training at a University in Burnaby, Canada.
The weather wasn't actually pleasant with lots of snow and the terrible coldness. My hosfamily said that I brought the blizzard from Sapporo to there・・・don't blame me on that!
I expected that it would be warmer in the west part of Canada! Because of the abnormal weather, the traffic was out and I had to wait for a bus to come patiently for a long, everyday. Apart from the fact that it was freezing, I had a great experience with my hostfamily and the people that I met in the training.
Moreover, it was one year after the last time I traveled abroad, I realized that I need that. It felt like that I could take a deep breath and refresh myself.

And I've got lovely friends there, they are two girls of my hostfamily.

When I showed them a little magic, their cute big eyes were bright and became bigger, hahaha.

Ahhh, I miss them sooooooo much♪

I try to put more pictures of Canada and my thoughts about it soon.