Saturday, March 18, 2006


There are more stuff that I want to show you about my Vietnam trip.

I got clothes tailored in Ho Chi Minh City.
It is popular among Japanese to get custom-made clothes in Vietnam, coz it's much cheaper than get ready-made clothes, and it's fun that you can pick up fabrics you like from local markets and designe your own dresses, which are going to be the only ones in the world.

The first one is an one-piece made of smooth satin with pearly luster. The one-piece dress fits me very well and makes me look elegant.
So, I'll look forward to having a special occaision to put it on! maybe for a wedding party.

The second one is a kind of loose blouse made of sheer silk. It is really tender and pleasant to the touch. It goes well with either jeans and formal wear.

It was a great experience to hold a frank exchange of views on what I wanted with Vietnamese staff.
I'm very satisfied with the outcome.