Friday, March 24, 2006


There was a cafe that I really wanted to go in Tokyo. It's ROBA ROBA Cafe . It locates in a shopping street in Kyodo, which I mentioned before.

I found about the cafe in a magazine for shutter bug, "Kamera Biyori - Life with Camera".
The magazine has introduced that the cafe provides gallery space with artists. I was expecting of seeing a photo exhibition.

Unfortunately, it didn't display any photos. It was an exhibition of plates and spoon for curry when I visited there (^^;)ヾ

Apart from the exhibiton, I had a lovely and relaxing time in the cafe with my friend. There were many lovely goods sold in it, such as tiny books called "Mame Bon -beans book-", and postcards with cute picture, hand-made candles that had a lot of pretty colors, etc. The cafe collaborates with a variety of artists.

The cafe isn't that large with a bar for a drink, but it has created a space for relaxation as if time goes very slow in there.

I had a terrible image of Tokyo that it was the city where cold and bad people lived and it was rather a foreign country for me. I can laugh about that now, though.
For what it is worth, I felt happy and my heart healing when I saw old ladys chatting outside, clothes being dried in the sun, and a tall chimney of a sento(public bath) in the shopping district near the station(Kyodou).
I'm glad that I've found the place in Tokyo where I could feel the people's life and warmth.

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