Thursday, March 16, 2006


Look at this cute creature......something weird with this chihuahua.

Hahaha-someone drew its eyebrows!
I saw it was cute, um? rather funny, at the first sight. I couldn't stop taking pictures of it. Then, a guy standing next to it started talking to me in Vietnamese. All I could was just smiling.
Yup, I was in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, last week♪

He was tring to say with gestures that it was the woman over there who had drawn the eyebrows, I interpreted. And I noticed that she was waving to me with a big smile and proud expression(^^;)

She had the same eyebrows on her face!!
What a charming lady!

I've come to like Vietnam very much. That people, the food and the city itself that has a nostalgic air.

Oh, by the way, that dog isn't a chihuahua. It is a miniature pinscher-★