Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'll show you some of my favorite pics taken in Vietnam~☆

@the central post office

I felt like that the portrait of Ho Chi Minh was looking at me, as I was waiting for my friend to finish sending post cards. Hahaha- how stupid !

@a temple on the way to Mytho for taking on a fayboat on Mekong River

It was built in French style but you see the board with Chinese characters,
which has created unusual atmosphere.

I did like this place.

I went up to the rooftop of a Hindu temple. There was something to bow the knee to and the fence displaying decorative figurine of animals in color on the top.

I took a lot of pics in Vietnam, I mean a lot!! I have a look at them often.
Ahhh~, I want to go to Vietnam soon again.