Sunday, February 05, 2006


Still, I have pics of food that I had in Vietnam♪
This time, I'll show you sweets I enjoyed.

① Che : iced milk drink with sweet bean jam  ② Dried fruits, my favorit was coconut ③ a variety of fruits ④ Banhflan : creme caramel in Vietnamese style which I found old familiar taste of it like the ones I had when I was child ⑤ Mango pudding that I had in the airport in Hong Kong ⑥ Bee ice-cream, How cute! ⑦ a plate of crepe with whipped cream for breakfast at a fancy cafe called "Funny" ⑧ Green beans agar ⑨ a variety of che in a huge market, look at the colors! ⑩ Waffle at a very stylish cafe ⑪ Ice-cream of purple potatos at a very popular ice-cream shop "Kem Bach Dang" ⑫ Colorful fruits on the streets, I heard that the fruits were plums, but they looked like bell peppers

I never tried anything to eat and drink from stalls coz I was concerned about sanitation. However, those refreshments were quite attractive to my thirst.

If I lived in Vietnam, I'd try....umm, yh, definitely!

I think that one of the main features in a hot country like Vietam is the vivitness in color. Even the food, especially the sweets and fruits attract you visually by the color.

I found more things of various colors and the beauty of the contrast between those colors. I'll show you pictures of those next time ♪