Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Here is the vietnam cuisineⅡ

⑬Pho (rice noodle with pork) ⑭Iced Vietnamese Coffee ⑮ Fried Rice ⑯ French Baguette and Canel ⑰ Banh Xeo (Okonomiyaki in Vietnam style) ⑱ Spring roll(?) ⑲ Takikomigohan (rice cooked with many ingredients and flavoring) ⑳ Bread for breakfast at my hotel, Oscar, HCMC

Unfortunately, I don't know the original names of some dishes above. but that doesn't matter. What is important is that I did enjoyed all of the food I had in Vietnam.

Hahaha-ha-, you know what, of course, they were NOT ALL the food that I had-☆