Friday, February 10, 2006


Do you know a fashion magazine targetting mostly women in their 40's: STORY?

I'm not 4o's yet, but my co-worker sitting next to me brought the magazine for me, today. You know why? She found the cappuccino machine in it that I'd bought, which I mentioned on this blog before!! (If you want to see the page, click the word above~☆)

It features stylish kitchen-ware such as coffee makers, espresso machines etc.

Probably, there are many shops that deal with the same machine, importing it from oversea to sell it. However, I am happy to know the fact that my cappuccino machine has been put forward in the magazine, which I guess has a large circulation, fearturing elegant life style for mature women (^W^)

So, let me jump into the fancy conclusion that I AM stylin' ,,hehehe,, yahoo--