Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hand-made Gyoza

I was inspired again to cook!
I was out for some errands all day long yersterday. On my way back home, I was a little bit hungry and I became to want to have GYOZA. I was wondering whether I'd eat out or I'd make it by myself.

I've established a GYOZA CLUB with my co-workers who love gyoza, so we have been to several nice gyoza shops or restaurants where we could find delicious gyoza together. However, I didn't have the courage to go for one of them alone. Umm, Gyoza isn't kind of food that women want to eat alone in any shops, I suppose.

So, that fact (or my assumption) fueled the spark of imagination that I could make it all by myself.
It all went great! and this time, I made a little change in the gyoza. I followed gyozo recipe but I made it look like steamed dumplings(or called soup dumplings) by screwing up the top of the skins that cover the fillings. Ahhh, that remined me of Din Tai Fung in Taiwan, which is the best dumplings restaurant in the world!

My mouth is watering again~♪