Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Finally, the new year 2006 has come. Are you enjoying?

Frankly speaking, I m bored at home. What I have been doing since I got back to my hometown is eating, reading, watching TV and sleeping (^w^;) Sometimes I help my mother to cook, clean the house up and remove the f**k snow! but something is is so quite here.

Well, calm down(I am saying this to myself), I came here to relax, just to relax and relieve my stress, however, I have realized that it is enough for me to take a couple of days for resting at home. Gee, Im bored.

I found some pictures that I sent my mother 2 years ago, which are worth showing you,,hihihi.

This pic was taken in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was a month before Christmas in 2003, so I guess that thing I was holding was a Christmas wreath.
I saw a lot of flower all over the city. It was really beautiful to see flower outside everywhere I went. It added a glow and a charming touch to the atmosphere of the city in the dull winter in Europe. Umm, lovely!

Here it is! The next is a picture taken in a club in San Francisco on the new year eve, 2003.
I flied back from Greece to the UK where I was living at that time, and then flied again to the States to spend a new year with my friends.

I got a party at the club to celebrate coming 2004. My friend put a tiara on my head, saying *Happy New Year*. Funny, isnt it?

Ahh, I had a lot of fun. Those have become great memories in me now.

Ok, dont look back. There is nothing wrong with looking back to the past, but it is not good to get stuck in some points in the past where probably you had a good time.

The moment that you are experiencing is also going to be a good memory later on, either in a good way or a bad way. It is totally up to you.

I am going to have a wonderful, fabulous year, 2006! and I will say at the end of the year,
″I had a great year with a lot of fun and memories. ″

That is my resolution of 2006 (*∀*)/

What is your resolution?