Friday, December 30, 2005


It was a disaster! You can't imagine how terrible and fearful that blizzard was.
I was about to flight to Tokyo on Monday, however, it was impossible for any planes to fligh on such a day.

I had to give up. Then, the weather was obviously getting worse.The crosswind was strong enough to get cars stuck in the snow and visibility was reduced to almost zero. But, I didn't want to get stuck in the airport until the weather would calm down, which I had no idea when it would be, so I diceided to get out of there!

That was the beginning of another disaster for me.....

Usually, it takes me for about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to my place (acutually, at this time, it was my mum's place). You know how long it took me to get back???
It was about 6 hours to get back to home!!!

I wanted to put pictures of the blizzard on this blog...but seems I can't, Damn it!
I'm in a internet cafe right now coz there is no fast access to the internet at my mum's place. but the pc Im using at the cafe does have a difficulty in uploading pics...bummage.

Well, you might want ask me how possibly I could take pics while I was driving in such a horrible weather condition. hahaa-coz you couldn't drive as fast as you do normally, so there was room to take pics ^^;

Phew, I wanted to show you how severe the blizzard was.... (--;)

Anyhow, it was the worst blizzard that I've ever had.
Everyone, especially those in Hokkaido! Drive carefully in the winter,
Have a happy new year!