Sunday, December 04, 2005

Aspire after Perfect Beauty

I went to a monthly tea tasting with my friend yesterday.
This time, they served a kind of Oolong tea called "Phoenix Sung Special". The taste was mild for me with its wonderful sweet smell like a peach or a grape.

In China, tea was believed to be herbal medicine. What caught my eyes was its benefits, which was to prevent obesity and aging! Ahhh, that's why I like Chinese tea. Moreover, drinking a tea for a long time contributes to prolonging life, according to a number of Chinese classical pharmacological literature. I believe that !

On the way to the tasting, my friend gave me small presents: a pack of bath salt with brine taken from the Sea of Okhotsk that is the nearest sea from my hometown, and a pack of massage salt with six kinds of essential oils. Wow! She knows me very well! I'll have to polish myself more and more.

However, appearance is not the only crucail point to jugde you, but your character.
I've found a good expression.
Today's word →→→ " Beauty is but skin deep."

It is also true that if you look good, you feel good, though!

I'm going to polish polish polish in the bath from now on (^w^)β
Thank you, Umaco~☆