Monday, November 14, 2005

Preparation for Winter

It's got colder and colder in Sapporo since we had our first snow.
All I need is to prepare for winter.
I've already fitted my car with new studless tires.
Then, I must get myself warm~♪
Uhuhuhu, I'll show you my favarit stuff for this winter.

It's woolen underpants and a woolen hat with a bobble on the top ☆
They are so cute that I couldn't resist myself buying them. Especially, that bobble hat!
I was waiting for my friend as I was wandering in town. When she gave me a call, I just reached a cloth shop that I like. It was less than 5 munites until she got me in the shop...she was quite nearby. Haaah, I was standing by the casher to pay for that lovely hat. It was "coup de foudre": love at first sight. Actually, I had been looking for that kind of knit hat.
It is difficult to find a thing when you are looking for it eagerly, but it likely happens that you can come across it when you don't expect a lot.
So, my motto is "Take it if I love it~!". You never know when is the next time you can meet what you love. Don't miss it (´▽`)ゝ