Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My color

I like this blue. It's not just "blue". It's kind of cadet blue, kind of blue with a tinge of green. Umm, I can't explain what this bule is. It's different from pure blue, I suppose. Anyhow, whatever it is, I tend to take it if it's this blue. Enven though it is supplements. I bought the bottle of supplements in Hong Kong, which I was persuade was good for skin.
And, the one between the supplements and the skirt is a candle lantern that my friend brought back from Bali. She is attempting to run a shop soon to sell this kind of lovely stuff from Asian countries, so-called Zakka shop. What she is preparing for her new business is not only buying things from countries, which she wants to sell in her shop, but also designing original bags made of clothing fabric from Vietnam. She's created a website of her shop all by herself in her spare time as she works for 8 hours at a company.
I really admire her passion and ability to get things done!
I request her to make a cute bag and ao dai for me in that blue ☆゜