Monday, November 07, 2005

From Mother to Daughter

I found a pair of boots at my mum's place the other day. They are nice beige color and still in good condition. I remember that I tried to put them on when I was 20 or 21 years old. I couldn't zip them up at that time coz I was fat...not really I was fat. I used to do sports so hard that I possessed a great pair of calf muscles. But, I can wear them this time! They fit me perfect! Although the tip-toes of the boots are a little bit worn out, they still look OK. Actually, they look stylish yet, I think.
How amazing! She had kept them for more than 30 years and now her daughter takes over them from her!
You know, fashion comes and goes, and what goes around comes around.
She dressed how my generation dresses. I'm beaming.
I was about to buy a new pair of boots for this winter, but I don't need anymore! I can save money, hihihi (^^)ゝ
Ummm, my mum used to look like a million in her girlhood and had a lot of fashionable clothes.
I'm going to rummage about in her closet to get more stuff such as bags, shoes and clothes that I can use.
It's a kind of transmission of trends from generation to generation.