Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The First Snow

Today, we finally got our first snow of the season in Sapporo! It was really warm the day before yesterday, the temperature reached around 18℃. That was abnormal in Hokkaido, in the northern part of Japan, in November. The moment we were concerned that it would take longer to see the first snow, we got it. The temperature dropped to 6℃. It was quite cold today (--;)
Everybody got excited about it. I don't know why it is so exciting to see the first snow every year. We have a lot of snow through the season probably from Nov. to March, I mean a lot, though. Sometimes, we have unexpected snow in we get stuck in the snow for almost half year. You may think that we can enjoy winter sports or anything...Not really. Yh, that's true. In the meantime, we suffer from shoveling the snow in the morning when we are in a rush, or a blizzard and more.
However, I was also so happy to see the first snow fall that I took many pictures of it (^◇^)ゝ゛
Umm, the snowy season is just around the corner~!