Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fantasizing about Vietnam

All of sudden, I've decided to go to Vietnam during my winter holiday. I'm planning to travel in Ho-Chi-Minh City where is called "petit Paris of the East".
When I read guidbooks, I can't stop myself beaming. Everything is so fascinating, cute and cheap, I'd say, such as restaurants, cafes, sundries....
I'm placing more expectations on traveling in the city.

I've never been to the country, although I've wanted to visit for a long time. I've been learning things about Vietnam from the guidbooks by little and little.

It's a socialist state. Its population is about 82 millions and the population of Ho-Chi-Minh City is about 70 millions. What a big city ! or What a packed city it is!
Ok, I like lively, bustling and hot cities. Actually, it is hot even in the winter, which I don't like but will try to bear.
Its nation flag is called Co Do Sao Vang : the Golden Star Spangled Banner →→ makes a strong impression~☆★☆

Hmm! I was enjoying wondering what I'd have in Vietnam, especially going cafe-hopping, over a waffle with whipped cream and raspberry saurce \(*v*)/