Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cafe at Home

Just arrived! It just came to my home!
I happened to find out a lovely cappuccino maker with cowskin print pattern at a shop on the Internet, which sells kitchen utensils imported from Europe countries.
It is a cappuccino maker produced by an Italian company: BIALETTI.
It was like that I had a strong electric shock when I saw it. I love this kind of animal motif such as zebra, giraffe, yh of course cowskin....not leopard, though.
Well, I'm addicted to coffee too. Especially, I love cappuccino. From now on, I can enjoy a cup of cappuccino at home. How fantastic!
I wasted little time in making cappuccino with it by myself for the first time.
Look at the frothy milk! I made it!
Although I used soymilk (coz I didn't have cowmilk), it didn't matter.
I'll try to get up a little bit earlier in order to spend a luxury morning having cappuccino from tomorrow-☆ Ushishi~