Monday, October 31, 2005

Wise Up!

I have noticed it,,,,yh since a long time ago, actually.
I'm hasty.....(--;)
I think that people loose thier temper as they get older.
Or some could say that you could become mellower than you used to be as you get older.
In my case, according to my latest emotional condition, I'm the former.
I have to wise up before I completely loose my temper.
Nothing is to be gained by losing your temper!

I went to have a Ganbayoku, today, which is a bedrock bathing.
You lay down on a heated natural rock bed consisting of black or white silica, or tourmaline (Don't go to ones by radon!) that generates negative ions and far-infrared ray. That allows you to sweat a lot , which means to excrete bodily wastes. It's a detoxification. It can be a altrenative medical treatment, too. I'm not sure about that, though.
It's effective not only to detox and release you from the phisical strain by warming your blood but also, I guess, to cathersis.
Everytime I go to have a Ganbanyoku, I can refresh myself and forget problems of myself after flood of perspiration.
I need to find emotional outlets more and more. That's why I like going out (^^)ゝ