Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Wedding Party

I was invited to my cousin's wedding party on Saturday. I was a little bit reluctant to participate in the party. His wedding...means that most of my relatives on my father's gather and would ask me how I am (that's fine,) and how my marrige would be(^^;). But, it turned into a great opportunity. From the beginning, I found myself excited. I got dressed up and put a little bit flashy make-up, which I don't wear normally. I think that I have a strong self-love, so I said to myself in the mirror, "Umm, look at you! You are gorgeous! beautiful! stunning!" I'm kidding yo-hahaha. Somehow, I was satisfied to glam it up, although I dressed up mild not flashy.
I hadn't seen most of my cousins for ages. There were some whom I couldn't identify immediately when I went into a waiting room for the relatives of the groom. Perhaps so did they. Some had been fathers and mothers already. I couldn't stop thinking that how fast time had passed. I recalled those days in our childhood. We'd got along well each other. I'd been looking forward to seeing them once or twice a year. Only my father in his family had left his hometown to work and had a new family in a different town where I grew up. What a fond memory! So, no matter what they ask me, that means that they care about me.
A table that I had a seat was for only cousins. We were pumped up for exchanging the latest news about ourselves and drinking. Gathering of relatives once a while is really great and fun. Ohhh, we didn't forget to celebrate his wedding☆\(^^)/☆
←some missed his wedding due to thier work, we took a picture of us, cousisns in memory after the party.