Friday, October 28, 2005

Thai Massage

Phewwww, this week was over.
I was thinking what I would do for a night before weekend. I was so tired that I decided to have a Thai massage to relax, today.
It helped to release the stress from my body, especially my stiff shoulders, by stretching and gently massaging. It took two hours to have that from head to toe, the first half an hour was taken for foot massage only. Ahh, that was the happiest time for me \(^v^)/
In the meantime, I was interested in things from Asian countries such as Thai, Vietnam, China, in the shop. Some looked like a curios. I loved a golden pot like a round ball with cute illustrations of birds. And, a herb ball was quite interesting, which is said to be effective for reliving the tonus in the muscles and healing your tired mind by patting pressure points in your body with it and having the smell of it. I must buy it next time.

Have a great weekend♪

ps. A friend of mine passed a exam for employment!!
Congratulations !!