Sunday, October 02, 2005

Number One Ramen !?

Japanese is the nation that loves Ramen: Chinese-style noodles served in a hot soup. There are a plenty of ramen restaurants all over Japan, and museums, societies, too. I've never been to any ramen museum, wondering what they are displaying?? You can find TV programms on ramen, such as "Which one is the best ramen in Japan?", "Go and visit places where you can have delicious ramen!" or "Ramen War" which focuses on owners who are struggling to get more customs...something like that. If there is a very famous ramen restaurant, there are a number of people queuing up outside the restaurant waiting to enjoy the taste for a long time.

I'm not a ramen freak, so even if I heard about the names of famous ramen shops, I wouldn't be in a queue.

I was driving and found a sign of a famous ramen shop called SUMIRE by accident. I asked my friend if she had had Sumire's ramen? She said, "Yes, but everytime I went, I had to wait for a long time..." I'd never been... rather had no interest, but I was hungry and I wanted to try such a ramen that everybody goes to have in spite of being a queue for a long time. All of sudden, I came to be interested in the shop. Moreover, normally ramen shops are not big, probably keep several tables and seats at the counter in it. However, Sumire has its own 3 or 4 floors-building!! next to its ramen restaurant. This ramen is worth million??? the owner has cashed in on the ramen only??? Great! Let me taste it!

There was a ramen competition on TV before and the Sumire's ramen won the championship or anything. (I'm not sure about that, so if anybody knows, drop me a line:)
Anyhow, no wonder that could draw more custumers.

Ummm, I can't tell the differences in the tastes of ramen between shops, coz I haven't had enough samples. The only thing I can say is that I was happy on a full stomach and I AM still thirsty.