Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Multiple-Tenat Building

I do like going cafe-hopping. There are so many nice and chic cafes serving great coffee in Sapporo. I think, the recent tendency is to open a cafe with a smat atmosphere in an old building housing a number of independent business concerns.
A cafe that I went to the other day is one of them. Although the cafe locates just behind a big department store in town, it is quiet and retro-flavoured around there.
As I went into the inside, I was a bit thrilled coz the lift to the 7th floor was old and small, so I felt like that I'd have been trapped in.
I heard ♪jazz from the entrance to the cafe.
I was wondering what made this small cafe great. Maybe, it's the contrast between the white concrete wall and the wooden floor and the muted-color furniture. Maybe, it's the contrast between the bustle of a big city outside and the slow stream of time within the cafe. That's created an aura of peace and harmony.
I was relaxing as if I could spend a whole day in a comfortable chair listening to jazz, which was loud but didn't hurt your ears. I got warm by drinking a cup of coffee with whipped cream.

When I left the building, I found two shops that sell goods imported from Vietnam and Bali. I must go to the building again.

Oh, you know what? this cup is the Royal Copenhagen (*v*)