Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hip Hip Hurray !!!

Unbelievable! I've got it, I've got it! Actually, a friend of mine got it. You know what???
Hihihi, it is the ticket for Southern All Stars Live Tour 2005 ☆
It was yesterday, the 11th that the tickets were released in a limited quantity only by telphone a week earlier than the date scheduled to go on sale, which is on the 16th. The order started to be accepted at 7pm yesterday. I began to call 10 minutes before 7....but the line was already busy. I kept on redialing. To tell the truth, I was having a foot massage at that time and almost falling into a trance(^^;) , so I gave it up and got my mobile phone back into my bag around 7:30pm.
I eventually dozed off...zzZZZ
Then my mobile rang around 8:20, which told me that I received an email.
It said, "I've got the tickets!", from her. That woke me up immediately. I felt like jumping up out of the seat that I was sitting. Yes! She did it! Thank you very much. She secured the ticket for me!
Good job! NyaNya! I love you(*з*) XX
The concert will be held on the 17th of December. The ticket costs ¥8000.....expensive but worth it. When it comes to think of the difficulity in getting a seat for that pupular band concert, it is priceless, yo-!