Sunday, October 30, 2005

Hello, Good Bye

I had a car called "Opti" from Daihatsu. I'd droven the car for 9 years including 2 years that I was away from Japan. I loved it very much, which arched its edges softly and had a vintage style. As a matter of fact, it was beat-up. It took a while to speed up and was difficult to keep up with the flow of traffic, especially on a superhighway. It started slowing down even on a gentle ascent. I began worrying.
However, I had a deep emotional attachment to it. When it was a windy day, when it was a sunny day, when it rained, when it snowed, and when I was happy, when I was sad, when I was tired, when I was exuberant, and wherenever I went, I drove my Opti. For the last 9 years, there had been many things happened in my life. I drove between Sapporo and my hometown almost every weekends to see my father who had been in hospital for about one year, which was about 360km and about 5 hour drive. My precious car had racked up more than 84,000 kilometers. It was worn out.
I noticed that it was the time for my Opti to rest in peace.
Yesterday, I woke up earier than usual weekends to wash it and give it a good shine all by myself for the last day with it.
It was really sad to see the back of Opti on a lorry trucking it. I felt like crying.
Thank you, Opti. Good bye.

I'm going to have a new life and histroy with a brand-new car: "Vitz" from Toyota.
I've given it a good name, "Yoneko"! (@^.^@)ゝ