Saturday, October 08, 2005

Foot Bath

I've started a foot bathing everyday when I get back to home after work. I've been suffering from terrible stiff necks and sensitivity to cold temperatures.
I use a plastic bucket to put hot water, which is a little bit small as the tub for foot soaking though.
I heard that soaking your feet is effective to boost your metabolism because it improves the circulation of the blood, or vice verca. That helps to alleviate the tension in your shoulders and to burn body fat...hopefully!
Sometimes, I have a foot bath in the morning, too, if I have a time before going to work. It certainly helps to get warm and shake off my drowsiness in the recent chilly morning. Also, I've noticed that the coldness in my hands and feet has been being reduced. Ummm, it works!

We have a three-day holiday again in Japan now, due to a national holiday on Monday.
I had a relax day, today, doing nothing acutally. I'm going to take care of myself by having a body massage and a facail care by a professional, having delicious food and good sleep as well as a foot bath. What treasures of my life!