Monday, October 10, 2005

Enjoy The Three-Day Holiday Fully!

With a little bit hangover from the last night in Susukino where you can enjoy night entertainment in Sapporo, I woke up this morning with my motivation for making the last day of the three-day holiday better. I went out to throw away garbege first. Woo, crunchy! As my friend and I talked yesterday, we went shopping to the biggest outlet shopping mall in Hokkaido, Rera in Chitoshe. Cos another friend of mine went to Bali and got us cute souvenir, which were animal-shaped magnets. That definitely stimulated me!

I was excited to do a lot of shopping , although the weather wasn't as good as I'd expected. It was raining and very chilly. But I was happy when I found apple trees on a median on the way to the mall.
We had spent about 3 hours in the mall weighing up. To my surprise, I didn't buy much, unlike my friend. That's good. You don't have to spend so much money on things that don't strike you. I bought clothes in the first shop and the last shop we stoped by. So, I was looking enviously at her shopping most of time. Good, good, she could find something that she liked. You can get really good deals in the outlet mall. The price is probably 30~50 % off the regular retail price. I bought a T-shirt and a skirt from Tommy Hilfiger, and jeans from another shop. The total cost was about ¥15000!! (^^)v
Look at what I've got today!

Can you see the stars on the skirt? I like that kind of motif on clothes, and the pink fur on the back of the jeans as well. After I got home, I held a fashion show all by myself. My room's now messed up...