Sunday, October 09, 2005

Afternoon Tea

You can enjoy the British style tea service, such as afternoon tea and high tea, in Sapporo too.
I went to a cafe of the Laura Ashley, which is a company that sells products from clothes to funiture, in a department store the other day. I felt like spending the afternoon in the atmosphere of British alike:-)

I ordered a high tea that a pot of tea comes along with rolled sandwiches, two scones and a cake. A cake of the day was a pumpkin chiffon cake with a whipped cream, which was very nice.

As a matter of fact, while I was living in the UK, I never had a chance to appreciate any elegant amusement such as an afternoon tea at Harrods. There was no room in my mind to spend time and money on that, coz I was a poor student:-< But there were so many things that I could enjoy myself without spending too much money, instead. That is another story I'll tell you someday.

Anyhow, since I came back to Japan, luckily I've had a financailly secure job, so that my mind might be more relaxed. It is like making my life more attractive to go out and see, hear, smell and taste many things!
Adding a flower on the table alike♪