Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What heals you?

There was something that I'd missed so much. I didn't realized how much I cared about my greens until I left them at my friend's place for a while.

I've got three pots of foliage plants. I tried to grow plants several times before. However I never succeeded. I just didn't know how to take care of it, or didn't care about it that much. Although I had the idea that having greens at home should be good, I didn't know why ^^; Maybe I was preoccupide with runing after what was said to be good. As a result, I forgot to water them often, yet I didn't take any notice of them.

Now, three of my pots are back. I was relieved and happy to see them again. While I was away from them for about 4 weeks, I was thinking of them sometimes as if they were my lover, and emailed the friend to ask how they were. I don't know since when I started feeling better about keeping the plants and taking care of it. Maybe I'm getting older. Or I should say that I've become old enough to appreciate the blessings of nature. Moreover, I've realized that I'm healed by those pots. I love to see the brilliant green leaves in my sun-flooded room in the morning.

I happened to take a pic of my friend's pet, gold fish in a basin. I'm sure that the gold fish is something healing! Healing boom has come!
What heals your tiredness from a hard day of work?