Saturday, September 03, 2005

Tools for my blog

I bought a brandnew digital camera just before my summer holiday. That was a great excuse for purchasing stuff I'd wanted. Hahaha- I'm always like this, 'I'm goning to London, so I need a camera, new shoes and .... Oh, don't forget get a jacket coz it must be chilly in London!'.....^^;
As a matter of fact, my old digital camera was almost broken. The battery didn't last longer than 30 minutes if you kept it on. It was the time for me to get a better one!

I shoped around to find out a nicer one as cheap as possible. I was amazed how small and light digit cameras are these days, and have got high functions! I couldn't make up my mind about which one to buy, but look at the pic on the left, you could guess what I'm gonna say??
Yup, I love this color! If there isn't much difference in terms of the functions between them, why don't I chose one by the appearence? However, there was one more camera that attracted me, which was red in color. Then, my mother said, 'Do you prefer this color, don't you?'. Yes, you're right, mum! This brilliant orenge color suits me.

This picture shows how thin my brandnew camere is comparing to my old one. I keep this one with me all the time to take pics as material for my blog. Also, I use it for my work quite often.

There is one more thing that is really useful to take pictures at any time. It's my mobile phone.

It's been taken for granted that mobile phones have digital camera function in it in Japan. You can't find a mobile without camera anymore in Japan. Plus, the cameras built-into mobile phones allow you to take good-quality pictures for the last two or three years. This small device comes in handy (almost the same size of my orenge camera). You see, the two pics above, were taken by my mobile.

To think about the basic function as a telehone, you would never leave it somewhere and forget. I've never and won't! Wherenever I go, it is with me! Whatever I find something interesting, I can take a picture of it. Especailly, intriguing people, like those sleeping on a park bench, or on a train. You can pretend as if you are mailing with your mobile as you are waiting for your friend to come, so you won't let them know that you are taking pics of them. That's kind of how I get source of my blog, hihi. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sneaking around to take pics of something bad. I can't resist my sudden urge to photo, and I try not to bug others@^<^@