Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Stars and Stripes

I was waiting for my friend to come in the park the other day. The park, Odori kouen, is a symbol of my city, Sapporo maybe known by the world wide snow festival ( It spreads 8 blocks long and has a TV tower at the east end of it. The tower is one of the notable things in Sapporo.

My place and my work place is far from the center where the park locates. I don't go to there that often, acutally. So, while I was sitting on a park bench waiting for her, I realized that I didn't have any pics of the tower and the park itself. It turned out to be a fantastic time to look around people in the park at night as well as the night view of things lighted up there.

It was quiet, but still many people were hanging around there. Some were just chatting on a bench, families with little children were playing around the fountain, and I saw a group of young boys practicing their dance (can you see them dancing?). Those were having a great time each according to their own fancy in the park.

It was the moment to realize again that I like my city, Sapporo. My ex is Greek and he always said that Greece was the greatest country, the high point of his ideas was that everything comes from Greece. One of my best friends is Greek, too. She was fed up with such idea, which she thinks that most of Greek people have. I'm not against his idea. It is probably just patriotic feelings. So, I can say now, 'Sapporo is the best place to live in the world!'

By the way, if the Greek believed that even 'Kimono' comes from Greece (Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? ), it would be funny, wouldn't it ? ●^v^●