Thursday, September 29, 2005

Murphy's Law

Finally, I got one of my big job done at this time of every year! took me a long time to finish it up. I was screwed up at the beginning, that's why it took me ages to get that job right. Meanwhile, I had stomach pain due to drinking coffee too much. I needed to do something else sometimes to get refreshed. Then, I got a sore muscle as a result of doing some exercises. Then, I couldn't stop eating perhaps because of lots of stress, then I put on weight.

'Ok, fine, I'm gonna feel better soon, so let's get back to my blog!' I wanted to up-dated it.

But.....I've left my degit camera at my work place today of all days!! I sighed unconsiously.
Because of my hard days, I had a lack of sleep, felt exhausted and relieved, then I was muddleheaded(>.<) I've been distracted,,,still.
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

Gee, you can't go against Murphy's Law.

I know that I cannt blame that Law for my problems.....(--;)Zzzz