Friday, September 09, 2005

Go Bananas!

I'm very concerned about my condition, especially my skin and my weight. There are some good drinks that I have every day. Put a banana, a slice of pineapple, two spoons of yogurt and some soy milk all together in a blender. It's kida like a smoothy. I bought a new pair of glasses so that I had the smoothies in one of the glasses last night. In my case, it is really good for my skin and relieves intestinal ailments. Of course, such things don't make your skin better in a day. However, due to the synergistic effect of those ingredints (I guess...), I haven't had any big skin problems since I started drinking this banana smoothies, and have got fine skin^v^ I used to suffer from pimples. I tried to do everything to get rid of the breakouts, and reached to the conclusion that being healthy from inside the body was essential and dealing with the stress as well!

The next is mint tea with ginger and lemon. Mint has a laxative effect, too. I prefer the iced mint tea. It's nice to have a cup of iced mint tea when it's hot. You can cool down and enjoy the refreshing taste. I drink almost a liter of it a day. I read an article on the effectiveness of it, which is detoxification.

My friends laugh their head off when I talk about goods, food, actually anything about staying healthy, specifically about the skin, cos I make an enormous effort to look after my skin one right after the other. They think that I'm crazy. Yh, I admit that I AM a health fanatic, hehe.

In the meantime,,,,,,,,, I'm addicted to COFFEE, which is bad for skin ^^;
Do you think that I'm contradicting myself?
Ummm, I'm going BANANAs now.