Saturday, September 17, 2005

Gluttonous Appetite

Hahhha, .....I have to admit that I love sweets!
I went to town today for some reasons. When I finished my errands, I had a little walk doing a window shopping. Then, I stopped by a department store to get some deli for dinner. As I walked through the sweets section, I couldn't resist gorgeous cakes. Normally, I try not to eat sweets coz I'm concerned about my weight(^^;)
But, this time I thought, "it's OK! I'm so tired that I need something sweet. I don't have to hold my temper. " It's caused by a lot of stress that I've got. Instead of drinking or smashing a window(??), I tend to eat to ease my frustration. I know, that's not good but I forgive myself for anything I want to do when I'm stressed out. Otherwise, I'd become crazy. However, it's too much to eat all of the three cakes at once. So, I had one, and I'll have the other two tomorrow morning for breakfast.
Actually, it's good for your brain to take something sweet in the morning. It wakes your brain up quickly. Believe me, it works!