Monday, September 19, 2005

A Drive

From the morning, it got hot, the temperture was around 26℃. I was still in a bed when I recieved a call from a friend of mine. She said, "why don't we go for a drive? it's really good weather, today! are you still in a bed?". She just bought a brand-new car, so I could imagine how much she was looking forward to a drive. I was gonna do some more work at home. As I opened the curtains, I realized that I'd be unable to stay in and work. "O.K. Let's get out of here!"
We headed for a small town, which takes about one and half hours by car from Sapporo, expecting to visit a museum called "ARTE PIAZZA" there.
I was surpirsed when we arrived at the museum. It was an old primary school that had been closed down a long time ago. It was the school where Kan Yasuda, who is an world renowned sculptor, studied. I felt nostalgic.

There were displays of his marble sculptures inside the school. Also, his big works were artistically displayed at some locations around the school.

I don't know about the art, so I was wondering what his work represented, but this is a matter of your imagination. You see things with your eyes and might combine what you see with your experiences or thoughts, then creat your own interpretation individually. My friend said that his works were heart-warming and tender. I agreed with that, but still puzzled.

I saw children playing around one of his works. What a peaceful scene!
It's not necessary to take it seriously. What is importatnt is to take it just as you feel, I thought.
To sum up our drive, we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner. We had great pasta full of organic vegetables grown in Hakkaido (^v^)

The sunset was beautifully artistic on our way back home.