Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dog Shop

I was so busy and tired this week that I fell over half dead:-<
I had a medical check-up this afternoon, then I could go to a huge supermarket after the check-up, coz it finished earlier than I thought.
I shopped around and got lovely stuff for my dog. Do you know what is in the pic on the left? It's a toy horse for dogs. You can play with your dog with it, maybe teasing and scaring your dog,,hihi. There were hundreds of that sort of toys in the shop. I was getting excited. I like shopping for myself. But, it's also fun to pick up something for one that you love. How many hours did I spend in the shop? Maybe two hours weighing up the stuff that I was interested in, and wacthing dogs sleeping or making dives at each other in the cages. How lovely they are!
When I came across a shelf to display clothes, I was overwhelmed by the many and various clothes. They were all lovely and cute, but EXPENSIVE >(*o*)<
Ta-da-! It's one of newly-announced collections in Japan for this winter☆

I don't think that it's a smart idea to spend a lot of money on outfits for a dog, even though my dog is adorable. Instead, I got a toy dog, and socks for him to prepare for snow:-p I'll be off to my mother's place tomorrow, so that I can see him after a quite absence. Wait and see how he reacts to them (^v*)/