Monday, September 12, 2005


I bought a bracelet yesterdsay. It was made in Vietnam. It is one of countries that I've been longing for. A broad range of sundries from accessaries to furnishings has been imported from Vietnam. It is cheap to buy those products even in Japan. However, if you go to that country, you could get much better deals there and maybe the prices could be negociable at the store. I instantlly fell for the color of the stones; deep purple, and the whole design of the brecelet, which enticed me to take it.
A cousin of mine is going to have his wedding party in the middle of Oct, so that I can wear it. Ohhh, I have to get a nice dress that suits the purple stones.

My interests are wide (maybe not different from others), from travelling, photographs to shopping, sports and blah blah blah. One that I'm into at the moment is Morocco cafe. A Morocco cafe in Oxford was the first place that I had a mint tea in my life, which was not a ready-made tea pack, but the real one decocted from fresh green mint leaves. The cafe was really cool with many Moroccan stuff like lamps, candle stands, tabels plastered with elaborate mosiacs and the cushions.....why didn't I take any pics of it???? at all??? perhaps, that's because I was hoping to stay in the UK longer and couldn't imagine that I'd take the pics for my memories. Ummm, too late to realize so(-.-;

Wait a munite! I still have a connection with something Morocco or Moroccan. I have a friend who is fascinated by Africa and goes to Morocco everytime she has a long vacation.

This is her souvenior from Morocco this summer! (^v*)Y