Sunday, September 11, 2005

Chinese Night

I participate in a tea tasting at a Chinese tea cafe every month. A tea master who runs her own business in Hong Kong comes to the cafe. She brings excellent tea leaves from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the main-land of China, whic are very expensive on the market, so that I can enjoy various kinds of wonderful Chinese tea at reasonable price. You know, it's all you can drink for about £15 (¥3,000). She sometimes gets us a very rare tea that is about £50 (¥10,000) per 50 grams of it. Furthermore, she gives an interesting lecture on those tea and the history of it everytime. You see, this tasting offers great advantages!
But, this time was a bit different from usual. The master couldn't come to Sapporo due to her business trip or something. Instead of her lecture, the cafe offered us the perfomance of Erhu (Niko in Japanese). An erhu is known as a Chinese violin, which is a two-stringed bowed instrument and capable of producing sad, melancholic and joyful melodies. I'd say, it sounds more soulful and expressive! I had been to concersts of a world wide known erhu player twice with my mother, but it was the first time that I listened to the performance that close, so I was thrilled.

My friend and I went to another cafe to have a little more chat after the Chinese evening finished as usual. That cafe called 'Ajiko' during the day, 'Ajihei' in the evening, and 'Ajio' at night is one of my favorit cafes. So, it was 'Ajio' when we arrived there. It looks like a hiding place in the woods. After having a lot of Chinese tea, I was desperate to drink a COFFEE^^; I don't think that it spoiled that amazing Chinese night.....making an excuse, hehehe.
It ended up being a long night as drinking my favorit iced coffee, 'Moca'.