Monday, September 26, 2005

Autumn Reading

I've made a resolution to be more intelligent! I've got a lot of books that I haven't read through.
I'm going to read them to enjoy the lengthening nights of autumn. There are two sets of books I'd like to read. One is a series of textbooks for primary school students in the US. The other is a thick textbook about psychology at the level of graduate school. If you are keen to study a second language, I think that it is effective to try from what you've already known in your mother tongue, then forwarding your study by taking in your interests at a bit high level or practical level. My first mayjor was Educational Psychology, and I still need to take what I've learned and the latest study of psychology into practice for my job. I want to polish my Englsih more. So, those books are the perfect ones to get round to!
Don't ask me why I have left them on the shelf for a long time (^^;)