Monday, August 22, 2005

Photograph shows your feeling

As I said my interest is picture in my plofile, I've taken a lot of pictures. I used to like being myself in pictures, striking a pose of typicul Japanese 'Peace' with a big smile. However, nowadays, I quite love taking pictures of objects such as buildings, flowers, dogs, blablabla. So, I'll show you some of my masterpeices today!

This is lavender (I think). It was a small flower bed within a zoo. It was really hot day and the sky was clearly blue when all of the flowers was in full bloom with bright color. I couldn't stop taking lots of pics of it from various angles, while a few of crows were wacthing for an opportunity to get our lunch box from above.

The second one was taken in Volos, Greece. (if you want to know more about Volos, go to the site

I visited my friend there last summer and had a great time.
She and her boyfriend took me to an excursion to the mountain.
At that time, I was puzzled about my life, like wondering which way to go......just 4 months after coming back from the UK. I was longing for going back to the UK and staying with my ex. But then, what'd be gonna happen to me? What'd I do? Those thoughts were coming and going to me all the time. I took some pics of the wonderful landscape. There was nothing around me but the high mountain rage. I shifted my gaze to the shadow.
No face, no color, just shadow. The moment I felt depressed and emptiness, I felt as if a huge load had been lifted off my chest.

You see the mountains that have been there for hundreds years or more, no matter what have been happining. In addition, you can stand up how many times you fall down because the mother earth exists. You have no chance against the nature. You can't beat it! Considering the greatness of the nature, I realized my worry was itsy-bitsy.

You see?? I could recall loads of memories by a couple of pics, even if there wasn't anyone in them. My friends are sick and tired of me taking pictures of anything anytime especially when we travell together.....and I insist that pictures of something not only people must be better to see afterwards. As a matter of fact, You'd find it better to see pictures of objects you saw in a different country or any situations. That reminds you of the scenery you've seen and walked around. Moreover, That brings back your pleasant memories as well as your feelings at that time.

Can you guess what I was feeling when I took this pic??? hihihi