Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy made me happy

I went to a sushi restaurant with my friends today. The restaurant is called 'Shiawase', which means 'Happy'. You can see the name in Japanese on the white paper in the pic. It is the happiest moment for me to have great meal like sushi^v^.

The sushi does not put a slice of raw fish on the top of it, but also a kind of the traditional sushi called vinegared rice rolled in seaweed......Did you notice?? The rolled sushi I had today was the other way around! inside out! Seaweed was rolled in rice!

The taste doesn't change, of course, since it uses the same ingredients. However, it looks better, doesn't it? You can see the inside clearly and the contrast between rice and fish in the middle is bright in color. Seaweed inside brings out the others modestly.

If the outside is covered by a sheet of seaweed, you might think, 'Oh my! what is this black thing? What is inside?' (if you've never tried any rolled sushi), hahah-.

So, I think that this is a really nice way to serve rolled sushi, and I'm pretty sure that inside out rolled sushi appeals to your appetites! Great invention! Banzai sushi!