Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Beauty in color

I'll talk about my hoby a bit more. Since I like taking pictures of buildings in palces I visit, I've found my tendency for me to be attracted by things in color.

This is a yellow apartment building in Volos, Greece, near my friend's place. It is really hot in Greece in the summer, as you know, but isn't much humid like in Tokyo (I don't live in Tokyo, though). I felt great when the wind blow, although the strong and dazzling sunlight was sticking in my skin. Oh, I remember that I dried my cloths in the sun for about an half hour, just 30minutes!....The building was like rising into the sky. The impression I got was all the more refreshing.

The second one was taken in Belgium just 2 weeks ago. I was walking along the river in Antwerp with my friend. Comparing to Greece, it was very chilly in Belgium, this summer, so I was kind of rushing in order to buy something to wear. Then, this building got into my eyes.
I thought, 'What a lovely building!'. It was an old builidng, actually. However, just painting in color added charm of its own.

Ummm, everytime I go to abroad, I see those kinds of colorful buildings, ...wait a minute! Have I seen anything of many colors like them in Japan or not? If there is something, isn't it possible to blend with the cityscape in Japan? Yes, it is and I found one that I was fascinated by its colors and playful mind of people who created it first in Japan.

This is it! This is Japanese paper called 'Washi', which I believe is still handmade by skilled workers of the first order. I found it in Kamakura that is very famous for the giant statue of Buddha, called 'Daibustu', which is huge, MASSIVE!

Apart from Daibustu, I was taking a little walk in the town with streets with a lot of atmosphere where It harks back to the Kamakura Period which lasted from 1192 to 1333.

Of course, I don't know about people at that time and what their lives were like. One thing for sure is that it wasn't as advanced as our age. However, I could imagine that they had pleasurable sense of art. Now, it is really precious because there has been decreasing the number of handicrafts who hand down traditional arts like Washi.

So, I'll show this pic to anyone who are interested in Japan or Japanese culture, to cherish it and keep the treasures of Japan. The Great Buddha in Kamakura!→
If you are interested in Buddha or Kamakura Period, let's go to this website